The Dangers of Photography (Results Coming Soon)

I went on a photo adventure today.  Through this much snow:

Snow covered truck and trees after storm

Snow covering a sea of truck parts, aka “Redneck? Where?!”

That alone was rather, um, interesting, but it got worse.  Or rather, I got a bit more carried away than I generally do.  And have I mentioned that I’m a natural blonde? That seems like an important detail, considering that today I quite literally ran over my tripod in my zeal to get a shot.  As in I saw the tripod, saw that there was no way fast way around it, and made the conscious decision to plow into it while doing what I knew would be a failed leap (thigh-deep snow is not conducive to leaping). I was shooting falling snow, okay? Every second mattered.

tripod fallen over in the snow


Sorry if the image is a bit blurry.  I’m sure you can’t work out why that might be the case.  Also, my compliments to the fine folks at Manfrotto.  My tripod has now survived being jumped by an extremely overenthusiastic photographer, as well as being slammed forcefully into the face of an optimistic (and subsequently unsuccessful) gear thief (another interesting story!). The tripod is still in perfect condition  although I have more than a few bruises.

Fortunately, I got some great images today, so the bruises are absolutely worth it. The rest of my shots will be included in a post tomorrow, but for now I’ll leave you the shot that nearly caused me to sacrifice my tripod.

Painful success!

Painful success!



  1. Paul

    Any bruise in the pursuit of art!

    • Exactly! It’s nice to see that you understand; my friends normally scold me :p. I think I could create a separate blog just for my interesting photography-related injuries though!

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