Snow: 1, Porch: 0

So my porch collapsed the other night. Actually, my porch awkwardly detached itself and slid forward the other night, but it had the same end result. There is no more porch. And before everybody asks yes, we do shovel our roofs. Apparently that wasn’t enough this time around.

Trying to get a shot documenting the porch’s destruction presented a challenge I’ve had to contend with before: how to photograph something that isn’t there. How do I take a shot of a porch that has been destroyed? Shooting something that wasn’t there was one of the first real conceptual challenges I ran into as a photographer, and I’m going to address it in one of my upcoming (and probably insanely lengthy) posts.

And apparently ultrawides aren’t appropriate for photojournalism? Odd.

Roof and porch destroyed by heavy snow and weather


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