Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

I’m not a New Year’s resolution type of person, so I can’t fulfill this challenge in a literal manner. However, I do plan to hone my technical skills this year, and these shots are representative of that desire.

My fancy Genus fader filter has given me trouble in the past (there may have been some serious operator error involved), and I decided that the New Year would be an excellent time to take it out for another test run and ascertain why, exactly, I was failing so miserably when I tried to use it.  My test went well!  I discovered that the main problem is that I’m an idiot, and that the secondary problem is that my filter doesn’t appear to play nicely wide-angle lenses. After confirming my suspicions, I worked out how to use the damn thing properly (it’s pretty easy. . .I would once again like to mention that I’m a natural blonde),

The shot below doesn’t necessarily benefit from the use of the neutral density filter, but I was obsessed with the splotchy blobs of snow.  Today’s conditions – dark, stormy skies with frequent breaks in the clouds paired with high winds – were ideal for my purposes, but I unfortunately didn’t have enough time to go to a more interesting location. Unfortunately, you’re stuck looking at my road and lawn for the remainder of this post.

Adirondack dirt road during the winter around susnet

This shot is obviously (I hope?) just an experiment, but it may have inspired a future series once I refine my technique and find appropriate subjects.

Spinning long exposure

Look, a nice, blurred sky shot in bright light! The sky in this image is exactly what I was going for, but the rest of the image is unforgivably dull. That’s the problem with being stuck on my lawn!. At least I discovered what I can really do with this fader, and I plan to finally get around to using it as I had originally intended.  I suppose that I am resolved to experiment and use what I have to its – and my – full potential.

Adirondack forest and driveway with blurred clouds


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